Invisible Parasites

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! I believe you. Your skin crawls, it itchies, pin-prick sensations, electric shock sensations. You get welts, bumps, bite marks. Your clothes itch, and crawl. You feel popping, flicking, jumping. Nothing helps; washing, bathing, scrubbing. You just feel gross. You can't get any sleep. Crawling wakes you up. They are everywhere. In your bed, in your car, in your clothes, in your nose, on your chair, in your carpet, kitchen, house. Bugs! Parasites! Lots of them! You can't get away! You've been to the doctors. You tried permethrin cream. You tried all scabies remedies. You tried oils, bug spray, and cleaning to no avail. Still you get bites. Doctors call you crazy, relatives and friends think your nuts. Your family doesn't believe you because they don't suffer. You've had enough. You demand answers. What is this super bug? Why can't I kill it? Why doesn't anyone know anything about it? Why me? Why, why, why? Does this sound oh so familiar?

What are these invisible parasites? To be honest, I have no clue. They are truly a kind of their own. I have suffered from these parasites for far too long. My story is like any others. Explained by the paragraph above. I couldn't kill these guys for the longest time. I am here to tell you they can be killed and it is EASY.

Let me save you precious time and money. I have tried almost everything in the book, spent several tens of thousands of dollars, gone broke, felt crazy, and even thought about just quitting everything, life, work, mortgage, and move to the woods, nude without anything just living off the land (kidding, but seriously). I've tried countless expensive remedies all which failed to eradicate either myself or my environment of these beasts. I began to analyze the situation and do scientific experiments on different remedies. Each remedy I would make a mental note on its effectiveness. My body, my environment, became a laboratory for my experiments. I was a mad scientist, my goal; to end this misery.

Borax, bleach, Windex, salts, sodium bicarbonate, enzymes, creams, soaps, oils, cedar oil, cedar fog, cedar spray, pesticides, powders, detergents, supplements, washing, drying, cleaning, re-washing, drying, cleaning. You name it, I've tried it. I spent 3 years trying and retrying remedies. I spent 3 years failing. I spent 3 years in living hell with no answers to be found. None. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Still to this day, no answers. What is this and why won't it die? Well, it does die. But they're hardy little bastards. And lots of them. Probably in the tens of thousands. They breed in everything, everywhere, at any time of day. If you've just noticed you have them chances are they have spread far beyond your belief. I mean everywhere you have touched. Time doesn't kill them. It only makes them worst. 10 turns into 20, 20 into 80, 80 into 500, 500 into thousands... I've estimated their reproduction cycle to be less than 24 hours. In less than 24 hours they can begin reproducing and evolving. 24 hours your population can double. The nymphs will become more adult-like and bite harder. Nymphs can reproduce, just like adults. Eggs take less than 24 hrs to hatch. Nothing kills the eggs. Nothing. You must kill all the living bugs each life cycle immediately.

As a world, we are extremely naive about what is actually happening. Chances are someone knows, but is not sharing. I know this is a bug. A parasite of some sort. It isn't a fungus, it isn't bacteria, it isn't a disease (Morgellons). It is a bug. A parasite. A skin parasite. Demodex, perhaps. Maybe, Collembola. Who knows? Not, I. I just know its weaknesses. Does it evolve and become tolerant of different treatments? Perhaps. Are they invincible? It seems like it. Are they invisible? Yes! I have yet to spot one. Do they ever go away? Yes, but it will take some work, patience, and diligence.

What it is not; it is not a disease. You blood work is fine. It is not a bacteria. You've taken anti-biotics. It is not fungus. You've taken anti-fungals, both natural and synthetic. It is not a mental disorder. You were perfectly normal before doomsday. Your not delusional. Doctors are wrong. They have no clue. They are of no use. Do not go to another one unless you do have an actual disease or illness. They cannot treat these bugs. They do not have a clue what they are. No one knows.

Now... close your eyes and take a deep breath. Try not to think about the biting. Push everything out of your head. All thoughts, problems, and people. Just leave your mind and soul. This is all you need. This will help guide you through times of weakness and fatigue. Your mind keeps your soul alive and your soul keeps your mind fueled. Together they must work in perfect harmony to beat any parasite like this. You must be mentally sound to proceed.

Patience is a virtue, repetition is necessity, and diligence is key. Together we can beat this. You are not alone. In fact, this parasite is attacking more people than you'd think. This site gets upwards of 1500 hits per month. That’s 1500 or more people searching 'Invisible Parasites' a MONTH! I repeat, "You are not alone! You are not crazy." This is a BIG problem that no one seems to care about. Now finish your deep breath...calm yourself to a state of clarity. Relax...feel good...smile ;) It will be over sooner than you think. The solution lies in the paragraphs to come...

The solution. A solution developed on a financial budget. As like many problems in life, throwing money at the problem just doesn't seem to fix it. That being said this solution has been designed, tested, and repeated day after day with great success. Now don't get me wrong other treatments 'work', but just weren't realistic to sustain both financially and physically (major side-effects/health problems).

Without further ado, THE SOLUTION, starting with a preface and ending with treatments/protocol:

By now you know you are infested with invisible invincible parasites. They do not die. They wreak havoc on your social and mental life. If you are just realizing it now, then they have spread. They are everywhere you have been. You must begin here, at these places. You must eliminate all possibilities of re-infestation.

Minimize your clothes count to a minimum. If you don't wear a piece often store it in the freezer or in an air tight bin. Remember though to treat the garment prior to wearing using the protocol below.

Now, make everything easy to clean and without clutter. When cleaning my house I followed a simple rule; If I didn't touch it all year it was garbage. I reduced everything in my home by half. I made the surfaces easy to clean and wipe. My desk, my kitchen, my room, everything, including my car. There is nothing in my car except seats. Nothing of excess. You must throw away the excess from your life. Leave just you and the bugs.

Next, your bed. Chuck it if you can, but most likely you can't. If you can, then replace it with a blow up mattress or some sort of easy cleanable thick pad or leather couch. If you can't then still replace it with a easy cleanable pad/couch. Get use to this as it will be your new bed for a while.

If you have an infected couch or chair, do not sit in it or use it until you are completely sure the bugs are dead or feel they are on the verge of death (you will notice this soon enough). To make things easier I'd suggest all flooring and uphostery not be that of cloth. Smooth surfaces allow less places to hide.

Once you have removed all clutter, clothes, and excess, you can begin the healing process. This routine DOES work, trust me! You must be relentless. More relentless than the bug is to you. You are the more evolved individual, you will WIN!! Everyday repeat to yourself; relentless, relentless, relentless.


Now that you have everything clutter free in your house, you are ready to continue.

Your Clothes:

Remember at this point in the healing process you should only own 1-2 weeks worth of clothes. Having this minimal amount of clothes will take a huge burden off your life and help you focus on ridding the bugs from your body, your clothes, and your environment. For me, my clothes always posed a huge problem with my infection. No matter what I did or how I clean my clothes were, I could not eradicate these bugs completely. I constantly found myself getting re-infected from poorly treated clothes. Don't get me wrong I could kill the bugs from my clothes, but not without doing harm to my body or going broke. This is a biggy. I wanted a cheap, safe, and effective solution to killing the parasites in my clothes. I didn't want to be buying new clothes every day like I was. It just wasn't sustainable.

In my hundreds of trial and errors, I found that soaking my clothes in any particular solution gave positive results. Therefore, I began expanding on it. I began soaking my clothes in Windex, Bleach, Borax, etc. to find the best solution. In the end, I discovered that natural ENYZMES yielded the best results for price. For one, they are perfectly safe, and breakdown into natural bi-product; carbon dioxide and water. Secondly, they are a relatively powerful bug killer, that is, for the cost. What I found yielded a $5 per week total, which isn't too shabby. My solution consisted of 2-3 big plastic storage bins, some water, and some natural Pool Perfect pool enzymes.

What I did was fill one bin half full with water. I then added 3 capfuls (1 capful = about 1 cup or 8 oz.) of Pool Perfect. I then added my clothes for the week making sure all were soaked evenly. Let this sit for about 24 hours so that the enzymes have a chance to devour the bugs and larva. Once the clothes are done soaking you may proceed to washing. However, do make sure your washing machine and dryer are completely free of parasites. On several occasions I found my clothes being reinfected from either, washing or drying. To clean the washer and dryer, I usually ran a cycle, without clothes, of enzymes or pure ammonia. This guaranteed all bugs were dead prior to adding clean garments. Kleen Free or Nature's Eradicator works equally as well as the Pool Perfect, however I preferred the Pool Perfect due to the price. Do not soak the clothes no longer than 3 days or else the enzymes start to release methane and CO2 causing some funky smells. Anything under this time does not smell.

When it comes to washing I like to keep the loads light, so maybe do about 2-3 loads per soaked bin. The washing consisted of washing the clothes in cold water, or hot, (it doesn't make a difference) with 1 scoop of Oxy Clean, 1 scoop of Borax, a bit of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap, and some natural fragrance free laundry detergent. The dry cycle was merely high heat. That is it. Nothing fancy. The bugs were dead and my clothes no longer crawled, itched, or bit. I found that once my clothes were treated I could wear them for about 3 days before they started to get re-infected. The enzymes didn't seem to ruin any of my clothes, nor stain. My clothes looked and felt normal each and every time. For long term storage or even just for the week I found that keeping the dried clothes in a trash bag in the freezer worked really well! So... now that we have the bugs out of our clothes we must remove them from our environment. That brings me to my next point. Your environment.

Pool Perfect:
Kleen Free:
Oxy Clean:
Natural Laundry Detergent:

Your Environment:

Your environment is another crucial element in this healing process. If you fail to successfully treat your environment you will never fully recover. You must relieve the external parasitic burden. For me, this was the last frontier. It was a pivotal point in my struggle as nothing seemed to have an effect on the invisible invincible bug.

During my 3 years of battle I made several mental notes on what worked, what didn't, and what changed. Along the way I owned and operated this website which included my current wins and struggles. During this period I checked the stats of visitors daily to see if there was an increase or decrease in traffic. Oddly, enough I began to notice a trend in data being presented. After analyzing this data a light blub went off in my head. It made perfect sense! For once I knew the answer and it was absolutely logical. Why didn't I think of this before.

Well, the data logically showed that during the Winter months my traffic dropped off the face of the Earth. Website traffic decreased by more than 200%! Why the sudden decrease? After further review, I noticed one particular day traffic dipped well below the average. This correlated directly with the first cold front to hit the United States. That was it! Not the cold, but the humidity. What all bugs need to survive. It was perfectly presented in statistical format! From that day on traffic remained extremely low, only to rise again during the Summer months. After seeing this dip, I decided to try a few new, smarter methods to killing this bug. For once, I wasn't going to fight. I was going to conquer, confidently, the bug that consumed so much of my life! Thus, THE SOLUTION...

70-pint Dehumidifier:
50-pint Dehumidifier:
30-pint Dehumidifier (less capable, more quiet):

The dehumidifier. Also known as, the workhorse. This dehumidifier is but a small price to pay for the healing which it performs. I could have only hoped to stumble upon this at an earlier time in my battle as it would have saved thousands upon thousands of dollars. Living in Florida proved to be a breading ground for this parasite. So much so that my house was continually infested even in the winter months as living by the coast kept the humidity way up. It was not until I powered a few of these bad boys up around the house did I notice the bugs disappearing. I ended up purchasing a few dehumidifiers (a 70-pint, a 50-pint, and a 30-pint). Each cover various square footage with 1400 sq. ft. being the most (70-pint). I researched dehumidifiers for a long time and finally concluded on the ones shown above. They have the best reviews in its class. As for my bedroom I opt'ed for a quieter, but less capable brand (also shown above). In order to fully kill this parasite you must keep the humidity under 45% (40% if you can) all day every day for a few months. This will ensure mass genocide of the bugs that took so much from you.


I used this humidity meter, also known as a hygrometer, to measure the humidity in various places around the house. It worked great in determining the max. and min. temperature and humidity values per 24 hour period. This monitor let me know if I needed to move things around or change settings on the dehumidifier. They came in real handy when measuring closets, bathrooms, and hallways. I, also, keep one in my car to ensure the humidity never gets too high!

Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier:

As with keeping your house humidity to a minimum it is necessary to keep all other environment's humidity to a parasitic lethal level (40%). This includes all cars, boats, RVs, and closets. I found that during my infestation my car was big contributor to re-infestation. As I realized that humidity was keeping me from healing I struggled to find ways to keep vehicle humidity down. Once I ran into the portable dehumidifiers my problem simply erased itself. I placed 2 of these in my car and voila, the humidity dipped into the lethal level and killed all bugs harboring within. It truly was a life saver as wired dehumidifiers were not a viable option. Every few weeks the devices need to be recharged (dried out). This is done so by plugging them into an 120V outlet (standard outlet) for a few hours.

With the few items shown above I was able to EASILY fully eradicate these parasites from my environment. All I had to do was keep the humidity to a lethal level and the bugs simply disappeared. Keep a close eye on the humidity levels and you will, too, see the bugs simply evaporate from existence. Make sure levels are low for extended periods of time to ensure all items (beds, couches, cloth) are dried out!


Your Body:

Last, but certainly not least is your body. You must strengthen your immune system and its response to foreign invaders. You may notice that people around you are not susceptible to these parasites or they are not bothered by them. This is because their body/immune system is strong. These parasites feed on the weak. They can sense who is the stronger victim and veer away from them. I guarantee that if you are infected with this bug that you are not in optimum health. I have seen it hundreds of times over and still continue to see it every day. The infected people are the weakest people (me included, well not anymore). With that being said, it is crucial that you start the process of healing yourself from the inside out.

Begin by eating a much better diet. More fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eat healthy and wise. Start a good exercise regimen that works for you. On top of that add supplements which strengthen your core. Treat stress and begin ways to help cope with stress (games, activities, or even meditation). Get good healthy amounts of sunlight in a bathing suit so that all areas of the skin are exposed. Get a nice golden tan. Trust me, the sun is not bad for you. It simulates Vitamin D production which makes you happy and healthy!

As I look back to when I first came down with these invisible parasites I see a man who was naive, out of shape, and psychologically out of touch with his body. My mind and body were completely shut-off from each other. Quite the opposite of what it should be. I soon came to realize that mind and body must work in harmony with each other. In order to function properly, both mentally and physically, your body must be strong. Your mind can only function if your body is able to support it. If this is your case I could only hope that you take the necessary steps needed to reevaluate your health and make the proper changes to facilitate your healing. Besides, you only have one body and one life, why not treat it like a pristine chapel so you can live a long, healthy, pain-free, prosperous life.

In my nutritional rebirth I came across several supplements/protocols that created noticeably large improvements with the invisible parasites. These supplements and how they work are described below. The invisible parasites are as much an internal battle as they are external. In order to fully cure oneself the proper steps must be taken. For me, this came when I strengthen my core immune system back to 100%. It was hard, but worth every amount of effort. I've listed the items that helped most during this rebirth and hope they can help you as much as they helped me. Please, if you do not have the ability or financial backing to do any of the protocols listed I BEG you, do only the next recommended remedy, it will help out immensly:

OK. I don't know where to start here. I guess at the beginning. Over the last few years I have slowly watched my health slip down the gutter. I felt incomprehensibly vulnerable to everything. At rock bottom, my life and surroundings were being devoured around me by some unknown, unheard-of, invisible invincible parasite. With no control of my downward spiral I desperately seeked alternative solutions to this tragic calamity I called living. After 2 years things began to change. My education of how the body works grew. Slowly at first. Then quickly with firery passion and desire ;). My need for good, natural, healthy information grew. What was I looking for? What I was looking for was why the medical system I had grown up around failed oh so miserably and why money and health insurance couldn't buy me a clean bill of health. Why was I sick when I was only 20 years old? Why am I infected with an invisible parasite that no one else seems to be bothered by? Well, the answer may not be obvious, but sure is heck is out there. Anyways, about 8 months ago I ran into this book by Andreas Moritz (who is a genius by the way) about a Liver/Gallbladder cleanse. I thought, hmmm, what could this be about. I bought it after reading about a thousand 5 star reviews. Hehe. His approach to poor health, which also effected him dramatically in his earlier years, was extremely logical. He stated at the core of all disease is an unhealthy Liver. Makes perfect sense. Your Liver can't filter the needed wastes, so they build up in the body and cause disease. Logical. Well, after more reading (it really is a well written book), he gets to the point and tells the reader exactly how to restore ones Liver back to full functionality!...In order to restore your liver you must remove all Gallstones trapped in your Gallbladder and Liver bile ducts. This can be done with a cheap solution (has to do with olive oil, and Epsom salt). Long story short after removing these stones your liver will begin to repair itself and regenerate (yes the Liver is the only organ which can regrow itself!).

So, is his book all that its chalked up to be? YES!! I can whole heartily attest to his methodology, his protocol, and his brilliance! His way to remove Gallstones is not only extremely safe, but also extremely effective and cheap. At first, I was skeptical, but thought what the hay lets give it a try. So, for the first week I drank the 16 oz. of cranberry juice each day for 6 days (make that 32 oz. cause I can't read, dummy me). I opted for cranberry juice since my blood sugar levels rise and fall like the present day stock market (the proceeding flushes I used Malic acid powder in water, referenced below). Well, on the 6th day I fasted after 1:30pm, it was hard, but not impossible. At 6:00pm I chugged the Epsom salt mixture (gross). At 8:00pm I drank another one of those lovely Epsom salt concoction. At 10:00 pm I drank the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, not nearly as bad as the Epsom salt. I laid down and tried to sleep, but kept feeling weird marble drops around my gallbladder with some gargling. Well, by 6:00am I had slept a total of 5 hours and felt really miserable. I managed to drink my 3rd Epsom salt. The taste didn't change overnight, darn...still gross! By 7:00 am I was evacuating liquid out the rear (sorry but true). Then by my 3rd evacuation I found these little floating green gems in the toilet. I dissected it and viola a gallstone just as the book described. With each evacuation more and more stones came out, it was truly amazing!!! The rest of the day I felt really crummy, due to lack of sleep, food, and sanity. By the night, however, a weird wall of euphoria hit me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced, really hard to explain, but really calming. That night I had the best sleep of my life! No joke. I really slept gooood! The next morning I felt really calm still and at ease. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders and for once the invisible parasites didn't seem to bother me. What was this I was feeling? That morning I ate and then went out to enjoy the ocean. My mind was clear and my body felt relieved. I had a real appreciation for nature that day, I felt in tuned with the natural surroundings. It was comforting....I guess I really had gallstones. Well, by middle of the next week I returned to my usual hell. I felt like crap and my blood sugar peaks and valleys were back. Great! But no worries the book had warned me about this, but I still longed for the me after the flush.

Anyways, my next flush was in 3 weeks. I performed it and like the last it was not as easy as the book describes, but just as successful as the first! I have done 8 flushes since the first and feel absolutely amazing! I can eat fruits again, my blood sugar is under control, I can eat tomatoes without dieing of heartburn. My 3 year long ulcer has seemed to disappear. My life has changed in ways I couldn't have imagined. Since doing these flushes my skin has started to glow. My resistance to the invisible parasites is second to none. The whites in my eyes are pure and white. My vision has gone back to 20/15. I cannot rave more about this cleanse. It is truely a blessing!

Try it for yourself, you really have nothing to lose. If you do not do anything seen on this site, please at least do this. Do it for yourself and don't just do one flush. I noticed a drastic improvement after the 3rd flush and more with each consecutive flush. Follow the book and you will get healthy. I feel so happy to share this book that has literally saved my life. I can only wish everyone else has the same feeling. You will, too, want to share this once you see the real power behind the flushes. Andreas Moritz knows what he is talking about, listen to him, he will guide you to better health!

Malic acid for those blood sugar intolerant people. Tangy, but effective. I mixed about 1-2 teaspoons a day in water prior to the flush.

After months of trail, error, and experimenting I finally ran into this miracle supplement. I had seen a few people recommend it over different sites I browsed, but for some reason I constantly ignored them. Boy was that a big mistake. This should have been the first supplement I ever took, it would have reduced my suffering by half almost instantly! I am positive my ordeal would have been much shorter if I initially began with MSM. MSM kills the bugs from the inside out! It is a natural sulfur which is a vital nutrient in your body. I know these things hate sulfur and sulfur is commonly excreted from the pores. Once taking this I began to feel grains come out of my skin. The crawling sensations increased dramatically for a few days then just sort of dropped of the edge. I did notice that after about 1 week I began breaking out more and developing itchy bumps on my skin, which was a relatively new symptom. Over time I discovered that this was the embedded parasites dieing off inside my skin producing small infections causing bumps and itching. Yes, I was itching like crazy, but I knew that this was part of the healing process. MSM really was the nail in the coffin for my body!

As I scoured the internet for more answers on why I had been infected by invisible invincible parasites I came to the conclusion that this disease was as much an internal battle as it was external. Over the last few years I had been quite unhealthy and knew that the bugs liked me more than anyone I was around. I was the weakest link. They liked my blood. Through the endless nights of research I finally found testimonals that tooted great results via improving the immune system. Milk thistle helps do just this. It helps alleviate toxic burdens on your liver which in turns boosts your immune system. Milk thistle improves the function of your natural filters (liver and kidney). Face it, the world we live in now is constantly polluted. This puts excess stress on our bodies to remove the pollution we ingested. Give your liver a hand with this potent antioxidant and blood cleaner.

The Adrenal Gland is your natural stress response organ. You and I both know that being infected by these invisible parasites can be extremely stressful. I have known about this supplement way before I came down with these bugs and use it daily. Adrenal Health supports your adrenal gland by giving it natural fuel. With this supplement you feel more at ease and able to handle anything that comes your way. I highly recommend it, not only to deal with the stress of bugs, but for life's daily stress. It restores your energy and stamina helping you fight the never ending war of invisible parasites. I take one at breakfast and one at lunch. It also helped relieve my brain fog!

CoQ10 is great for the heart and promotes energy metabolism, something needed by all parasite battlers. I take this daily and have had a remarkably huge improvement in my endurance and overall energy. I take 200-300 mg per day as stated by the "Gerson Therapy". It really make me feel great!

Acidophilus Pearls has helped my regularity out dramatically. Not only do my intestines function normally, but my overall sense of well being has increase as a result of taking probiotics. Probiotics (good bacteria) support a healthy yeast balance throughout the entire body (not just the gut). When dealing with invisible parasites it is crucial to keep the bad yeast under control. Parasites, in general, feed off of dead or decaying matter. The more yeast your body exhibits the more bugs you will attract. So keep Candida and the likes down... I've tried many others, but acidophilus pearls work, by far, the best.

While this book may not directly provide solutions to curing the invisible parasite it will, however, put you in the correct direction to healing pretty much every disease. I see Cancer as the end all disease. It is the worst of the worst and if you can cure/survive Cancer than you can most likely survive/cure any other disease. I picked this book up after the The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse because I wanted to see what else Andreas had to say. The man really knows what he is talking about. He provides a great understanding of the effects cancer has on people and why. Chances are you may know someone battling Cancer or contemplating chemo, please help them out and send this book to them. It may save their life, like it has to many others. Who said you couldn't kill Cancer cells using a natural approach! We must think outside the box and not let money influence the ideas injected into our brains. Do this for a moment and think about the revenue gained from just one Cancer patient. Its astounding, what people pay to get poisoned and sometimes poisoned to death! Once again, please, don't let ignorance get in the way. Ignorance is NOT bliss and Cancer is not a disease...

Another Cancer book, but really an eye opener. Curing disease and Cancer through diet, who would have thought? Why do primitive present day cultures have the highest health rates?! Is it what they eat? Of course! I, for one, have been applying principles found in the Gerson Therapy on a daily basis. For example drinking 32+ oz. of juice a day, no added salt to anything, natural food from the Earth, and low, only good fat (flax, avacados, nuts, etc), diet. This book is, also, extremely useful for the terminally ill, I'm sure you know a few. I hope this helps or at least opens your eyes!

"Success must be enjoyed. It may be won with tears but it must be crowned with laughter." - Howard Whitman

Don't forget to checkout the InvisibleParasites Store for more benefical products that helped with recovery! Cheers to a Morgellons and Invisible Parasite free life!